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You have a website, but is it earning its keep?

You have made a big investment in time and money on your website, but can you be sure that your potential clients have the best chance of finding you online?

Measuring your websites performance against the competition is an important way of increasing its position in the search engine rankings.

If you already have a website, we can provide a confidential, impartial and reliable review that comprehensively examines a wide range of the parameters that can affect your websites performance.

Our website reviews cover:

Design – how well your website is laid out and whether it is attractive to visitors. How does it compare to your competitors?

Usability – how easily can your customers find their way around your website?

Accessibilty – Is your website usable by people of all abilitie?

Search engine friendliness – What does Google think of your website?

Legal compliance – Do you have a cookies alert or a privacy policy? We can help keep your website on the right side of the law.

Technical compliance – How well does your website stick to the rules of the internet? It may not seem that important as long as it works, but poor programming will have a big effect your rankings.

Once a review has been carried out, we can tell you what you need to tell your own web developer so they can make improvements or, of course, we can make them for you. 


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